WP1. Crossborder Project Management and Coordination

1.Kick-off meeting (16th June 2016 – Chieti, Italy)

2.Final Steering Committee (20th December 2016 – Mostar, BiH)

3.Closing conference (21st December 2016, Mostar, BiH)

WP2. Communication and dissemination

1.Visual identity:

pdf  logo

pdf letterhead

pdf folder

pdf notepad A4/A5 orizontal

pdf notepad A4/A5 vertical

pdf banner

2.Website (

3.Internet articles (1. kick-off meeting_1; 2. kick-off meeting_2; 3. IPA capitalization projects; 4. project presentation 07.10.2016; 5. project information INFORMEST website)

4.Dissemination Event in Chieti, Italy – 7th October 2016  (more)

5.Dissemination Event  – Pescara, Italy – 27th October 2016 (more)

WP3 – Technical implementation

Feasibility Study new route Ortona-Ploce (read)

Policy Learning Platform (

Workshop in Ancona, Italy – 23rd November 2016 (more)

Workshop in Monfalcone (GO), Italy – 25th November 2016

Carlo Franzosini
Portual areas and environmental protection
Darko Plecas
Port Community System
Giorgio Fontolan_Massimo Tondello
Project to dredge the approach channel to the port of Monfalcone
Luca Celli
Capitalization for an integrated system of resilient ports, interports and airports in the Adriatic Ionian Region
Massimo Tondello
Sea climat and motion scenarios in Panzano’s Gulf
Palmina Romano
Travel Planner Platform Presentation 
Paola Del Negro
New methodologies aimed at limiting haze plume
Pescara 27 Ottobre

 Maria Antonietta Picardi

IPA ADRISTARTER, the project

 Paolo Di Salvatore

IPA Adriatic CBC Programme and Pillar 2 of EUSAIR. Capitalization of the results and new horizons
Silvana Di Matteo
Transport Networks for goods and passengers _Best practices of Lombardia Region in the macroregional strategies