The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Mobility, Networks and Logistics of the Abruzzo Region is responsible for the planning of the transport system at the regional level and the coordination of the planning for the logistics system and the development of all plans related to the road system. The Department is also responsible for improving the intermodal system and better integration of port system with the hinterland, airports, railway junctions, urban areas.
Marche Region is the institutional government of a territory in the center of Italy, in a strategic position within the Balkan-Mediterranean area and the recently established Adriatic Ionian macro region.
The main goal of its Digital Agenda strategy is to provide infrastructural software solutions to be used vertically by many thematic smart communities (i.e. health, transport, education), adopting key paradigms such as cloud computing, open data, mobile first and Internet of Things.



Marche Freight Village is a PPP made up by private and public partners, under the direction and coordination by Marche Region. The surface of 500.000 sq. mt, totally urbanized, is represented by spaces, parking areas, warehouses for logistics, a container terminal area. MFV is part of the Logistics Platform of Marche region that concentrates in 30 Km Ancona Port, Airport and Intermodal Freight Village in order to develop intermodality in central Italy and connect Adriatic and Ionian area. MFV is a RRT Rail-Road Terminal of the “core” network (Scandinavian-Mediterranean corridor).

Informest is a Development Agency established in 1991 by Italian national and regional public bodies. Informest main mission is the promotion of territorial cooperation and provision of strategic and operative support to its main co-funding body: the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (IT). Besides that  Informest is one of the four national agencies accredited for cooperation in the area of Southeast Europe (L. 84/01. Since its foundation, Informest has continued to increase the number of focus countries: from Southeast Europe to the Baltic states, from Russia to the Republics of the former Soviet Union and looking towards Far Eastern countries such as China, Mongolia and Vietnam. Informest headquarters are located in Gorizia, very close to the border between Italy and Slovenia, where the 1st Italian-Slovenian EGTC has been established thanks to Informest technical assistance.


The Chamber of Commerce of Chieti is a public body performing functions of general interest for the business system, focusing on the development of local economies. It carries out important functions in the administrative area. It also offers to enterprises, through its operative body – Agenzia di Sviluppo – a full range of services to facilitate market intelligence and skilled training, to stimulate companies and businesses in innovative efforts and to support internal and foreign trade business relations.

Mostar Airport was opened for civilian air traffic in 1965, exclusively for domestic flights, gaining status of an International Airport in 1984. during Winter Olympic games. 
It was reopened for passenger air traffic on July 07, 1998. Burned and destroyed terminal building with its infrastructure had been entirely reconstructed financed by European Union.
It is strategically positioned in a touristically and economically attractive area of Herzegovina, laying on the path of Corridor Vc with railway track passing right next to the runway end and planned A-1 highway exit.
The Ploče Port Authority is a non-profit public institution founded by the Government of Croatia in 1997.
By managing and keeping the port area without carrying out commercial activities, the Port of Ploče Authority intends to create the conditions necessary to make it a highly competitive port in the Mediterranean scenario. Its ultimate aim is to upgrade the area from being a traditional port to becoming a real logistics centre fitted with a series of highly technological additional services.