General Objectives: to consolidate green, reliable, resilient, smart and integrated transport systems by developing and modernize existing multimodal physical infrastructure and services

Specific Objective 1. To create a veritable policy learning Platform, capable of sharing and transferring the developed knowledge in a pipeline of joint projects addressing an integrated system of resilient, safe, sustainable ports/interports and airports to be funded by using CBC, transnational and regional Operational Programmes.

Specific Objective 2. To start a Joint Integrated Transport Infosystem by combining Open Data, existing WebGIS and Platforms and  crowd-sensoring for low-costs, self-standing solutions

Specific Objective 3. To carry on pilot investments and feasibility study for accessible and green airports, ports and interports in order to develop common standards for the upgrading of environmental compliance, resilience and accessibility of transport infrastructures in the AIR.



Main Output 1. AGIRE Platform (Standards, procedures and regulation Open Forum for Accessible, Green, Integrated, Resilient and Efficient Transports).

Main Output 2. Crowd sensoring  and open data solutions for effective transport in the areas.

Main Output 3. Joint toolkit supporting innovative learning schemes for transport operators in the Adriatic Ionian Macroregion.

Main Output 4. Feasibility studies for sustainable and accessible transport  facilities.