Welcome our project’s website!

In this section we want to make ourselves better known and therefore we’ll start with presenting ourselves. We are an international team led by the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Mobility, Networks and Logistics of the Abruzzo Region (Lead Beneficiary) that can rely on the experience and professionalism of Italian (Marche Region, Interporto Marche Spa, Informest, Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture of Chieti), Bosnian (Mostar airport) and Croatian partners (Ploče Port Authority).

We bring in Adristarter the result of individually developed work within eight previous IPA projects: INTERMODADRIA, AIRNET, APC, CLUSTERCLUB, KHESTO, ADRISTORICAL LANDS, TISAR and STAR.

Our journey began last May 3, 2016 and the deadline to investing the allotted budget of one million and four hundred and sixty thousand euro is next November 30


And now?

With ADRISTARTER we are working to reach our ultimate goal: to consolidate green, reliable, resilient and intelligent transport systems, integrating them through the development and modernization of the existing infrastructures and multi-modal services. Namely: to create a new bridge, enhancing cooperation between the two shores of the Adriatic sea.


Not only!

We know precisely on what foundations to build our bridge:

  • improve accessibility through technology and procedural innovations, while ensuring transport’s sustainability.
  • improve the skills development and the prompt response of public officials and private actors directly or indirectly involved.
  • implement a common model for solution on sensors and RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) used to map and plan the transportation and mobility.
  • drawing up guidelines for efficient, accessible and resilient transport and mobility.


… and we also know what tools we need:

  • create a resilient, safe and sustainable Policy Learning Platform (PLP), to be financed through CBC, transnational and RDF cooperation programs, able to share and transfer the knowledge developed in a pipeline/chain of joint projects addressing an integrated system of harbors/ports and airports;
  • initiate a Joint Integrated Transport Information System (ADRISTARTER Interfunctional Participatory Cloud) by combining open data, existing WebGIS platforms and crowd-sensoring for low-cost, self-standing solutions;
  • carry out pilot investments, feasibility studies and experiments for accessible and green airports, ports and freights, in order to develop common standards for the improvement of environmental compliance, resiliency and accessibility of transport infrastructure in the AI Macroregion, also aiming at fostering new opportunities to develop the flows;



We believe we have created a project that is very adherent to the offer of the Adriatic-Ionian basin and that’s why we prefer instead to consider ourselves extremely motivated.